Residential Commission - Ink on Illustration Board - 30" x 40" - Copyright 1998 Shane Kindschi

hroughout the year, Shane Kindschi receives public and private commissions for pen and ink renderings. In 1996 he recieved his first commission to draw a private residence in ink. To date, there are an exclusive number of clients who Shane has created original artwork for. These originals are extremely rare and highly valued. Only a small number of commissions have been accepted over the past decade. Each and every architectural detail, from slate and bricks, to copper finials and elaborate cornices are meticulously hand drawn accurately and precisely (see Biltmore House dormer at right).  The level of detail in each piece of art is virtually unparalleled in 21st Century architectural drawings. For a closer look at Shane's most widely known work of art, Biltmore House, which he completed in 1995 at the age of 16, click here.

Detail from Biltmore House Copyright 1995
Shane Kindschi