The Studio of Shane Kindschi offers many services in the area of commercial and residential design consulting. We will assist you with the planning and design of your home or building's interior and exterior space. We can then incorporate those designs into a master plan for a large or small scale estate. While having an understanding of a wide variety of architectural styles, the studio specializes in classical architectural design with an emphasis on the Gothic Revival, French Renaissance, and Mediterranean styles.  Please choose from the menu options below to learn more.

Kindschloss Castle SK 1999

Disclaimer: Shane Kindschi is not a practicing architect, nor does he hold an architectural degree
or a license to practice architecture in any state. As they are written, the laws of the State of North Carolina
allow him act as a design consultant for commercial projects and as an independent designer of private
residencies without an architectural degree of any kind or such official licenses or accreditation.